About Us

Hello All my name is Ahmed Haseeb. Currently I am a BS(CS) student from University Of Sargodha Located in the California city of Pakistan. I have great love to Web Developing and Web Designing. I am also Mad lover of Programming and I mostly spent my free time in Blogging and programming. As the name Implies this is a School Management System so this system handle a lot of manual school operations and make it automatic via web application that can be accessed anywhere in this whole world via internet. I thought to make a blog on tools and software topic because it will be easy for me to provide such thing. As my blog is related to my field so i think i can do this work much better than other people those who just provide others article or simple copy pasting. I will try to provide as much know as i can about the software or tool that i will provide. So Hoping for good results for my blog and mission. If you have any confusion about any software or tool you can ask that question by email using contact us Box. Will i think this is enough for my introduction hope you get it who i am and what is my mission.