Voice Navigation Instructions With Google Maps

Posted 07 June 2018 – 12:09 PM

I have a Blu Studio 5.0 cell phone with Android 4.2.

I would like to test whether I can hear Google Maps' voice navigation instructions with the phone speaker.

I do not have a data plan but I am able to connect to the office Wi-Fi network.
I realize that without a data plan I would not be able to hear voice navigation instruction in my car but while I am in the office I should be able to hear Google Maps' initial navigation instructions while I am connected to the office/s Wi-Fi, right? (Like, if I want to walk from my office to another building with a different address I should at least hear Google Maps' initial voice navigation instructions that tell me in which direction to head, right?)
Instead I do not hear anything…

What am I missing? Is my Android version perhaps too old for that?

PS:  Yes, I have rebooted the phone several times…

Posted 07 June 2018 – 05:09 PM

You could test this out more thoroughly by downloading the Google Maps for your region to your device then trying the navigation.

The data connection is needed to keep maps downloading as you "get close to the edge" of the one that's currently being used.  The text to speech is part of Android itself or of the Google Maps App.

You can definitely download some maps to the device for a defined period.  See:  

Download areas and navigate offline – Android - Google Maps Help

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