questions about android 5.1

Posted 11 June 2018 – 12:59 AM

good morning all,

i have just bought the energy phone neo light with android 5.1

the phone is quite good and i found it much better than my previous cubot p7 

i have discovered that every time i connect to my wifi i pay charges (three to five cents) and this is something that i don't want

i have disabled every related data settings but again i pay charges every time i connect through my wifi

with my old cubot i haven't had any problem like this

second, i cannot add a second language  for messaging (english and greek) 

i use a pay as you go card

Posted 11 June 2018 – 10:15 AM

You would need to consult your service provider about that charge, as I have never seen any Android device incur a charge related to connecting to WiFi.  This has to be somehow related to something your cell service provider is doing.

With regard to adding languages and switching between them on Android, all I can do is refer you to search results:

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Posted 12 June 2018 – 09:00 AM

hi dear britechguy,

i thank you for the reply

your link is very helpful but unfortunately is not working on my phone

as far i know android 5.1 have some issues and my mobile is not an exception

i will try to investigate if my mobile service provider have any extra charges but it seems that the problem have to do with my new mobile

i haven't had that problem with my cubot p7 with the same sim card


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