Kindle Fire HD random power outs

Posted 31 May 2018 – 06:50 AM

I know this is a known issue with Kindles and have had several suggestions on how to fix but was wondering if anyone knew anymore on the subject.

Symptoms: Kindles powers off randomly even at full power unless plugged in to charge.

Possible Cause:

1. Fudged up battery due to poor charging regime by user (this annoys me  as its the only devices I've known to do this on a regular basis)

2. Charging circuit is bust in some way

3. Power settings need adjustment

Suggested fixes:

1.Turn the time out power to off. 

2. Replace Battery ,not an easy fix and messy and time consuming to get replacement parts etc and still not guaranteed this will fix it)

3. Send back if under Warranty.

4. Strap an external power backup battery charger to the outside connected via cable (this works but a bit cumbersome)  

Anyone else here had power issues with Kindles?

 And did you find any solutions? 


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