How can I make videos do looping?

Posted 07 July 2018 – 01:14 PM

I just bought an Asus Zenpad 10 tablet, it's fine except that I can't find a setting to make videos and vid folders play on a continuous loop, any advice?

At the moment each vid stops after playing, and I have to keep restarting it.

Posted 07 July 2018 – 05:46 PM

I don't know if you can Mick, the manual seems silent on this subject. If you haven't got a copy of the manual you can find it here –

Chris Cosgrove

Posted 07 July 2018 – 08:27 PM

What type of videos are you watching (example YouTube) Thanks  :)

Posted 08 July 2018 – 12:32 AM

Thanks guys, I've googled around and checked out the manual but sadly I'm beginning to think it doesn't have a looping feature, it cost me 185 GB pounds (246 US dollars) yet my old smaller tablet does have the feature and it only cost me half the price!

I'll try SuperSapiens VLC suggestion and see what happens unless there's a way round it.

Softeyes, what I did with my old tablet was to simply play a video (whether from youtube or anywhere else) on my big PC screen and film it with my digicam on a small tripod, then feed it into Moviemaker to crop it etc, and save it as an MP4 and copy it into a Movie folder on my old tablet.

I'd then have a few dozen vid clips in the folder and title it 'The golden age of rock n' roll ' or 'World War two fighter combat' etc which could then be played on my old tablet on a continuous loop one after the other while I sit with my feet up munching popcorn without having to keep hitting 'play' to start each vid.

Posted 08 July 2018 – 01:53 AM

Hi MickinPlymouthUK,

Thank you for giving more details about your videos. Using my friend Google and YouTube to try and find a tutorial for you to get your videos looping I did not have success. However, I did talk to ASUS and their attempt to explain to me how you would use the default app to open and play videos in a loop fashion was far too complicated for me to repeat!  However, customer service would be happy to work with you directly to sort out how to get your videos to loop. Their number is: 1-888-678-3688 (24/7) Link:

Of course another member might have a solution before you talk to ASUS. Please do let us know if you get the looping sorted and how you did so.  This (your) post is showing in Google and no doubt there are many people trying to figure out the same process as you are!


Posted 08 July 2018 – 10:05 AM

Since we're talking Android here, exactly how were you doing it on the old tablet?

It's not that a feature is never removed from Android, but it does happen very seldom.  If it wasn't a native option then what app were you using that went through the folder of videos, auto-playing each, then starting again at the beginning?

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Posted 14 July 2018 – 02:52 PM

Thanks everybody, the saga successfully finally ended today (I hope) when the shop installed VLC for me (I tried and failed to do it myself earlier).

Before that I'd also contacted Asus support but they simply told me that the tablet hasn't got a looping feature, they never even mentioned installing VLC and just left me hanging out to dry!

Posted 14 July 2018 – 04:25 PM

@MickinPlymouthUK, I'm sorry that my ASUS information/link lead you to a dead end.  (ASUS has always come through for me in the laptop/motherboard departments.)

However, fabulous news that you're back in the 'loop' business. Have a blast with your movies. 

Posted 14 July 2018 – 09:06 PM

Great news MickinPlymouthUK I'm very happy to hear that VLC is working for you. :thumbup2:

Posted 26 July 2018 – 08:55 PM

Thanks people, and can I squeeze in another question, namely when should I recharge the tablet back to 100%?

I asked the shop but he launched into a long techy speech and I sheepishly mumbled "thanks" and came away without knowing what he was talking about.

I'm not sure if he was saying "Keep topping it up all the time", or "Wait til it's down to about 10% then top it up".

What do you think?

Posted 27 July 2018 – 03:09 PM

I heard that you should charge it once gets down to 30%, at least thats what I do.

Posted 30 July 2018 – 12:59 PM

Ideally, LiPo batteries should only be fully charged prior to use.If it is not being used for any length of time (more than a few days), it's best to leave it only partially charged.

Edited by Al1000, 30 July 2018 – 01:08 PM.

Posted 30 July 2018 – 05:30 PM

And lithium batteries have no issue with "battery memory" as long-ago NiCd technology did.

You can charge 'em up and run 'em down as far as you want/need to and there's no problem with doing so.  Of course, all rechargeable batteries do have a service life, but that of lithium batteries in electronic devices is quite long.

As Al1000 noted, it is best to have them only partially charged if one is going to put a device into storage.  You'll notice that virtually any device you buy that comes with a lithium battery arrives with enough of a charge to fire it up, but usually well under 50% charge (I've generally seen between 5 and 20 percent).  Since lithium batteries lose charge extremely slowly when sitting idle you can be certain that's how they were shipped from the OEM.

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