HELP My android has very strange malware!!

Posted 29 June 2018 – 09:08 AM

I was chatting on my android phone when the screen suddenly went black and very strange audio started playing.

While the audio played I couldn't turn the screen on, but when the strange audio stopped I was able to turn the screen on and the phone was on lock mode where I had to enter my PIN to unlock it.

After a few seconds the phone's screen went black again and it started playing a really really strange audio about Hilary Clinton, I'm not joking.

After the audio was finished and I was able to access my phone again, I decided to turn it off.

I have no clue how the virus got on my phone, literally none. I never visited anywhere shady, and I never installed anything shady either!!!

I use VPN and malwarebytes for android too!!! After restarting my phone everything seems normal and I ran a scan with malwarebytes and AVG and nothing was found.

I have zero idea how this happened, has this ever happened to anyone?



I think I've found the issue. One of the audios I heard was an audio sent to me in a message, maybe I accidentally clicked on the audio and somehow my android phone freaked out and locked the screen black while the audio ran. 

Still seems really strange and a lot of coincidences happening at the same time.

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